Monday, June 11, 2012

Thermos Mug

The old version
One of the things I enjoy about night watch (and there are many) is drinking a hot cup of coffee on a cool night, or a good cup of iced coffee on a warm one. The big problem with this is that I like my hot coffee really hot and my iced coffee really cold. Warm, in-between coffee develops this bitterness that I just don't care for. So one day when a friend of mine turned me on to an incredible Thermos brand tumber that delivers the insulation it promises, I just had to go buy one. The model I bought isn't available any longer, but the new version of it has a spill-proof lid, which was the only complaint I had about the existing one so I'll be upgrading soon. I can't tell you how incredible the insulation is on this thing. If you preheat it with some hot water first, then fill it with coffee, it will still be hot enough to burn a few hours later and still warm after lunch. You can leave it in a cold car - the outside will be cold to the touch - but the inside will be piping hot. When you use it to keep drinks cold, you can leave it in a hot car and the outside can be too hot to touch but there will still be ice inside. I've even left it on my counter overnight and still had ice in it in the morning. I love this mug. When I went to write this post I noticed that they now offer a version for food that's short and wide-mouthed. I'm going to buy one to make overnight oatmeal with. You just put  your oatmeal and boiling water, cinnamon and raisins or brown sugar in the mug, close it up, and leave it on the counter. In the morning you have perfectly cooked oatmeal. You can also go to my Cruising Comforts site and get the recipe for my Perfect Iced Coffee for this mug.

Food Jar
New Verson
There is one bad review on the new version on Amazon that refers to paint peeling on the tumbler. I've never had this issue so I'm not sure what they did to cause it.  My experience is an absolutely perfect 5 anchors!

Ed note: We recently bought the new version of the tall mug to add to our collection and my husband says it is much better to drink from. The opening at the top is marked clearly with "open" and "closed" which is easier to see in a dark cockpit.

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  1. Hey Deb,

    I recently picked up a Thermos food jar similar to the one you have pictured at our local Target so I could experiment with some Thermos cooking. I've made black beans, white rice, and jasmine rice in it and it worked well. The wide mouth, while being the least insulated part of the setup, made use and cleaning easy.

    Good idea on creating a separate review site.