Friday, March 30, 2012

If you are looking to reduce your energy consumption and make those batteries last a little longer, then surely you've thought of using LEDs. Early on we replaced all of our incandescent lights with drop-in LED bulbs and added a few LED fixtures.  We bought all of them from, a local company for us, but one well worth dealing with.  Their website is a little cumbersome, but the products are high quality, very reasonably priced, and they ship super fast at a reasonable shipping rate.  I had to do a return on some bulbs I ordered incorrectly and there was absolutely no problem. We've bought the 1142 bulbs, the festoon, the side-pin, the tower bulbs, the waterproof light bar, and the utility lights. They have a good selection of colors, but we are happiest with the warm white which is impossible to tell from incandescent lights unless you touch the fixture and realize it's not hot. They also carry the red bulbs for night vision. One note of caution - be careful about what color you choose for nav lights as I'm told that some are not legal with the Coast Guard.

The cool white is a good color for inside cupboards, engine rooms, or for reading lamps, but anywhere you have them in a living area the warm white is a better color. Change out all your bulbs to LEDs and you'll find that all of your fixtures together will probably use less amps than one of your old incandescent lights.

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