Sunday, June 17, 2012

Pineapple Slicer / Corer

First of all, the score on this item was difficult to assess.  I LOVE what the tool does, but the quality of the construction is definitely lacking. The one I actually own only gets 2 anchors, but I'm not giving up and I'm going to try one of the stainless ones to see if it fixes the problems with it. The problem with the one I own is that the handle is held on with little platic spring clips and if you put any real pressure on the handle (for a not quite ripe pineapple, for instance), it pops out and the handle turns uselessly. I jury-rigged this with a bolt and nut but the plastic handle is crushing now. I'm really not sure why the manufacturer hasn't figured out that the cure for this is a threaded screw-on handle. Stay tuned and see if the stainless one does any better for me.

After selecting the right size blade and attaching it to the handle, you cut off the top of the pineapple and put the blade on it squarely. Putting even pressure, twist the handle while you push down and go until you can feel the blade putting pressure on the bottom of the pineapple with your hands. Pull the handle straight out to release the pineapple slices. It takes some effort to break the suction. When you remove the tool you'll have one long curly slice of pineapple. You can either use the wedger that comes with the tool to slice the spiral into chunks, or you can just take a knife and cut down the handle if you want rings. If the pineapple is not ripe enough you will get thinner slices, if it's too ripe it will mush. Do all of this on a tray so you can capture any leaking juice, then pour any juice out from the shell, or fill the shell with coconut rum and orange pineapple juice and let it set for a couple hours then enjoy the drink!

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