Sunday, April 1, 2012


When we bought our first boat, Nomad, a 1986 Compac 27/2, she had been sitting on the hard for quite a while.  Her topsides were dull and lifeless so we dutifully cleaned and polished with the 3M finish that everyone recommended. It was a lot of work.  Flash forward 2 years to the next haulout and the topsides looked bad yet again.  All of the 3M product, who's name escapes me, had worn off.  We happened on a quart kit of Poli-Glow at the marina garage sale and decided to give it a whirl. We applied the cleaner per the directions to remove the former wax and dirt, and then began to wipe on the Poli-Glow with the included pads.  All I can say is WOW.  The boat looked like new when we were done and it was a fraction of the work that we had to put in with the 3M product. 2 years later when we sold the boat to its new owner, the topsides still looked as shiny as the day we applied the Poli-Glow with water beading up nicely. Although on the expensive side, in the end I believe you save money since you're not applying it every year like the wax. A big 5 anchors on this stuff!  If you want to read the our original post complete with application pictures you can see it on our main blog.

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